Emerald Whitfield

Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School

My name is Emerald Whitfield, and I am a grade 12 at Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School. I like to try all sorts of things, and have been a part of many extra-curricular groups at Miller. I have been a member of the yearbook committee every year except grade 10, in which year I joined the wrestling team instead. I have also performed in plays at the OneActs festival, and been a part of the lights crew for the school musical. 


Outside of school, I also spend a lot of time fishing, fighting, or writing. I have been fishing my entire life, and have been doing kempo at Spirit of the Dragon Martial Arts School for over ten years. Last June, I got my brown belt; my next–and final–belt will be black. As for writing, I dabble in many genres, but I am currently focusing on writing a fantasy novel which I hope to someday publish. 


Next fall, I will be bidding farewell to Regina and moving to Saskatoon. There, I will attend the University of Saskatchewan for engineering (and no, I haven’t decided which kind of engineering). I am both excited and nervous for this next step in my life and to see what the future has in store for me.