Ellie H.

Regina Christian School

Over my time at Regina Christian School, I have been given the opportunity to take part in many extracurricular activities. I have been a part of both the basketball and volleyball teams, where I was able to create some of my greatest memories from high school. I have served on our Student Leadership Council for the past two years, where I now am the Secretary. These activities taught me perseverance and determination, which has allowed me to grow into the person I am today.

I have been able to take part in two mission trips throughout my time in high school. My first mission trip was in 2018 in Belgium and my second mission trip was in 2019 in Estonia. During these mission trips, I was able to teach kids English by reading to them the gospel, as well as take part in many service projects for the Church we were working with. This opportunity helped me realize my passion for working with children, which is how I came upon the decision of becoming a teacher.

After graduation, I will be attending the University of Regina for Elementary Education. I hope to make an impact on the lives of our future generations and hopefully become a mentor for my future students just as my teachers did for me. I am forever grateful for the friendships and memories I will take with me once I graduate from Regina Christian School and I am excited to see what my future holds.