Ella F.

Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School

Hello! My name is Ella Forrest, and I have a passion for creativity. From music lessons to skits with the cousins, early in my life, I began to see the endless possibilities of the Arts. I’ve recieved both Conservatory and private piano lessons since age 4 and chose the alto sax in band as soon as I was old enough. It was in Grade 7 jazz band, as we hit an incredible chord, that I fully realized how complex and rich music can be. Every time we would go back to that section of the song, I would close my eyes and feel the chord envelop me. It was at this time I began to experiment with music of my own, writing little songs on my guitar and ukulele and sharing them with my family. Due to their support, my teachers, and voice lessons, I now have a Soundcloud where I share some of my home-produced music, and I am currently working on many projects. I have also been a part of every credit and non-credit music and drama-related program in my years of High School, being a Junior Improv Provincial champ, Regional Improv Tournament silver medalist, and a lead in the school musical as a Grade 11. Although the pandemic has thrown a wrench into many arts programs, I currently reach out and share my passions with others by performing Zoom concerts with care homes from across the country, and I cannot wait to take the stage again.