Doris – Martin Collegiate

My name is Doris Edomwonyi, and I am the oldest child in a family of four. My family came to Canada in 2012 from Nigeria and are very supportive of me. I am blessed to have so many opportunities. My dream is to become a pediatric doctor and I work hard to achieve my dream. I have been an honour-roll student since Grade 9 and I love school. I participate in activities that help me learn skills and meet people such as Peer Support, The Power of Being a Girl, volleyball, soccer, library help, choir and badminton.

Outside of school, I am involved in church activities and lead the kids’ department every Sunday. I currently volunteer at the Pediatric Unit at Regina General Hospital, and I plan to volunteer at Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home. I believe leadership is best learned through example.

I am a role model in my family as the oldest child and also in my community. Ultimately, I am determined to help resolve health issues in my community. I strongly believe that hard work pays off.