My name is Dillon. I am a Grade 12 student at Harvest City Christian Academy and will graduate in June 2015.

I like to play badminton and strategy games such as chess. I like to be the funny guy who makes puns and jokes all of the time, not because I’m insensitive, but because I can sense when the situation is appropriate and take advantage of it. I like to sing, and I place a very high priority in doing well in school. I have consistently been awarded highest average throughout high school as a result of my diligence in completing my work with excellence.

I plan on going to the University of Regina this year in the Faculty of Business. Moving on to university is a step that I’m not entirely looking forward to as it will mean being separated from a number of my high school friends, but I am glad that I get to try something new where I can learn how to make myself more useful.