Delaney E.

Campbell Collegiate

I have lived in Regina my whole life. Watching my older sister attend Campbell, I was extremely excited
to walk through the doors in September of 2015! I was immediately afforded many athletic
opportunities in soccer and basketball. I was granted many amazing learning opportunities through
business, humanities, and math and science. These opportunities provided a focal point for my future.
I have been playing soccer for as long as I can remember. Soccer has taught me lifelong lessons,
preparing me for the future and the challenges I will face. Athletics have become a way to stay happy,
healthy and connected with the community!
My family stays connected to the community by breeding beautiful Golden Retrievers. Our two dogs,
Piper and Paisley, bring energy and slobbery kisses into our lives. It is rewarding to meet the new
owners and share their excitement for their new puppy!
I want to thank Twelfth Year for this opportunity to be recognized by my teachers and the staff at
Campbell Collegiate! I am lucky to be a part of such an accepting community. Thank you to my parents,
Krista and Jeff, as well as my beautiful sister, Kendall, who inspires me every day! They, along with my
sports and academic communities, have made me who I am today!