Corben L.

Scott Collegiate

Hello there! My name is Corben Lafontaine. I am the youngest child out of three. I have attended Scott Collegiate for my whole high school career. My sister, Marissa McKay, who passed away in 2013, also attended Scott Collegiate. This school and its teachers have shown me not to be afraid of who I am, even when I was bullied. I have learned you can push people down but you only make them get up 10 times stronger.

Even though I’ve had some bad times in school, Scott has also shown me good times. I love this place because everyone at Scott is fun, especially on May 4th; I get to dress up as my favourite Star Wars character with many other amazing people at the school.

My family is one of the reasons I am happy to be graduating from Scott in June. I will be proud to cross the stage because my mother in Heaven will be watching me. I know that because of this, my future looks bright. I have been given what I need and know I can become whatever I want, such as a doctor or psychologist!