Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School

I am a student at Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School where I am currently finishing my grade 12 year. In my four years, I’ve made many wonderful memories in school extracurricular activities such as being on the SRC, playing volleyball, fall/spring drama productions, Improv, Best Buddies, That’s Possible, badminton, track, and flag football. Being involved has become an important part of my lifestyle and has shaped me to be who I am. I have learned many lessons and skills from participating in these activities that I can apply in my everyday life. By being in a variety of different activities, I have made long-lasting friends. These friends have influenced me to become better at the things I do every day and they have encouraged me to never give up.

After high school, I plan to go to university and study to become a nurse. Ever since I was young, I have aspired to be a nurse and I have used this goal to strive for strong grades. Outside of school, I work two part-time jobs, one being at my family’s business. My family is a huge influence in my life as they constantly support me in all my endeavours. My ambitions have led me to become a leader, not only in my school, but as well as at my work and in my community. Thank you, Twelfth Year, for this wonderful recognition