Chan-Min R.

Luther College High School

My name is Chan-Min Roh, I am a grade twelve student attending Luther College High School.
My family and I originate from the city of Suwon, in South Korea. In 2005 when I was four years
old, we first set foot on Canadian soil, and six years later, we became Canadian citizens. As a
Korean-Canadian, I’ve had the privilege to grow up immersed in two contrasting but stunning
cultures. This has influenced so many aspects of my life, from the languages I can speak to the
music that I listen to.
As a high school student, I’ve had the chance to become involved with several activities and
initiatives, many of which I had never tried before. Four years ago, I never would have imagined
myself singing in my school’s Senior Choir, or playing on my school’s curling and ultimate
frisbee teams. High school has also allowed me to continue pursuing existing passions and
hobbies, such as soccer and debate. It was a great honor to lead both the soccer team and
debate club this year.
During high school, I also developed a love for travelling. From Halifax to Ottawa, Tijuana to
Helsinki, I’ve found myself in different provinces, countries, and continents. The purpose of my
travels have been diverse; but whether it was for a conference, competition, or missions trip,
each travel experience has been invaluable, and has caused me to grow so much as an
The past four years have been unforgettable; here’s four more memorable ones!