Winston Knoll Collegiate

Hi. My name is Austin March, and I am 21 years old in FIAP (Functionally Integrated Academic Program) at Winston Knoll Collegiate. I have been in this program for seven years. I was born and raised in Regina, and I live with my mom (Pamela), dad (Desmond) and grandma (Margaret). I like going to school in Regina because that is where I met my good friends.

I enjoy playing basketball outside, riding my bike and going for walks. On the weekends, I like to stay up late and sleep in. I am on the Unified basketball team at Winston Knoll and have played for three seasons, having lots of fun. I like playing basketball with my friends and travelling to other schools to play new teams.

I have participated in the in-school and out-of-school Work Experience program for many years. In school, I enjoy bottle recycling, commercial kitchen dish washing and vacuuming. I am proud that I can run the commercial dishwasher on my own. I have completed a variety of out-of-school work experiences such as packing groceries at Sobeys, clerical work at the Ministry of Social Services and grooming cats at the Regina Humane Society. These experiences have taught me many skills.

My favourite subject in school is Physical Education because it keeps me active. My favourite activities are cooperative games and lifting weights in the fitness centre. I also enjoy going to art class and especially like drawing and pottery.

In June 2020, I will graduate from Winston Knoll and would like to gain employment at the Cosmopolitan Learning Centre in the Supportive Career Initiatives program. I am excited to graduate and join the working world. I will miss school but am excited for the future.

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