Cassidy F.

Martin Collegiate

My name is Cassidy Flaman. I was born in Regina, raised by two outstanding parents, and I attend Martin
Collegiate. Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in many activities that have made me who I am today.
I have been involved academically, musically and physically in many activities in and out of school. I got
involved in the martial art of Taekwondo when I was young. I learned that pushing myself to be the
greatest I can possibly be is an amazing way to live. A quote I like to live by says, “Every champion was
once a contender that refused to give up.” This relates to me because no matter what I do, I try my best
until the very end. My passion for Taekwondo is similar to my passion for the art of music. I’ve been
singing since I was one. I learned how to play piano and guitar at a young age and used these skills to
share my talent in performances and competitions.
All of my activities have led me to travel and experience different places. I’ve competed against people
from all across the globe in martial arts, and one day my greatest challenge will come when I compete at
the world championships.
I will be forever grateful for all of the people who have helped me become who I am. Without learning
to always try my best, I wouldn’t be the hard-working person I am today.