Ashley G.

Winston Knoll Collegiate

My name is Ashley Gilroyed, and I attend Winston Knoll Collegiate.
Born and raised in Regina, I found that I had a lot of free time on my hands but this led to make me who
I am. Due to the huge amount of time on my hands, I decided to put it to good use in three ways.
First, I focus on my studies as I am enrolled in many Advanced Placement classes such as English,
psychology and calculus, in addition to teaching myself Foundations 30 outside of class. Secondly, I
participate in school activities, which include the Yearbook Club, the Best Buddies program, the Winston
Knoll Wind Ensemble and the WKC Dance Club. Finally, to add a little spice in my life, I rock climb!
Through rock climbing, I have learned a lot about surpassing my limits, perseverance, and more easily
dealing with uncomfortable situations.
I am no stranger to climbing to new heights so I not only aspire to climb high on mountains but also in
life. I plan on studying in Ontario for a degree in mathematics after high school in order to achieve my
dream career of being an actuary. I look forward to my future and cannot wait to see what it has in store
for me!