Angie R

Dr.Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School

I am a grade 12 student in the French Immersion program at Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High
School. I pride myself in being involved within the LeBoldus community, trying to create a
positive and inclusive atmosphere. I am vice-president of our SRC and have been on our student
council for the past two years. I am heavily involved in our arts programs, including band, choir,
vocal jazz and chamber choir. In addition, I have been a member of Minga, Multicultural Club,
French Club, SADD and Strive. It is important to me to advocate for causes that I am passionate
about and to engage student voices as much as possible. Outside of school, I volunteer at Orange
Tree Living, which has the BEST coffee shop in Regina. I love spending time with people from
all walks of life and gaining new perspectives of the world.
I have always been an outgoing, hardworking and ambitious person. This is, in part, because I
was raised by strong, hardworking parents who immigrated to Canada over 18 years ago, so we
could have the opportunity for a better life. They’ve inspired me to understand that the sky isn't
the limit and therefore I can do anything I set my mind to. With that, I plan on pursuing a post-
secondary education in Ottawa. I don’t know where my life will take me, but I hope that it is
filled with people and positivity where I have the space to create change in the world.