My name is Andrea, and I am the youngest of four. From the time I was I able to walk, I was being taught how to hold a hockey stick, throw a ball, and swing a bat. In my family, your first pair of shoes was likely to be a pair of skates or cleats and your first steps were most likely on the ice or the field!

As I grew up, I wanted to try everything that my siblings were doing so I was speed swimming and playing basketball, badminton, hockey, volleyball, and softball. Since I loved all of these sports so much, I couldn’t choose a favourite and, as a result, I still have a schedule overloaded with activities.

In high school, I joined the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Thom and proceeded to play every sport I could in Grade 9 while playing Bantam AA hockey. In my second year of high school, I continued in the IB program, but this time I was playing AAA hockey with the Regina Rebels while continuing my badminton career and winning provincials in my junior year. I am now assistant captain for the Rebels and am playing at the Canada Winter Games for badminton this year.

It has not always been easy balancing school and sports, but it has helped me learn discipline, respect and responsibility. I have always had the support of my family, friends and teachers, and I would personally like to thank them all for supporting me on my journey.