Amie L.

Scott Collegiate

My name is Amie LeCaine, and I come from Regina, Saskatchewan. I have three older brothers and one
younger brother. I grew up with just my mom raising me since I was two years old.
I love kids. I worked for a cultural camp with Wood Mountain First Nation for three days and loved it!  I
also volunteer at Seven Stones Community School teaching children in Pre-Kindergarten. I love working
with people of all ages and helping them in any way I can. I’m a very giving person and would do
anything for someone who needs it. Personally, I have been through many rough patches in life but have
made it through them all.
In June, I will be graduating from Scott Collegiate. I also own a car and am presently looking for a job to
get a house. My biggest goal in life is to attend the University of Regina for nursing and to prove to the
people who told me I couldn’t make it this far that I can and will!
I am looking forward to my future.