Martin Collegiate

My name is Aliyah Lerat, and I am a graduating student at Martin Collegiate. I would say the one word that best describes my school and out-of-school life is busy. I am someone who always has a full schedule and is constantly balancing multiple activities. Some things I’ve been involved in during high school include wrestling, band, musical theatre, coffee house, GSA, Skills Canada, Sask Fashion Week and more.

My time at Martin has been well spent; I’ve met so many great teachers who have helped me shine a light on my creative side. In today’s world, creativity shines in many different ways among young people, which gives them many opportunities to make a name for themselves. I can proudly say because of all the people I’ve met (whether family, friends or teachers), they have helped contribute to me making a name for myself. I have had so many great opportunities and not a lot of people my age can say they have had the same.

I am truly thankful to be seen for the positivity and dedication I put out into the world, and I’m thrilled to continue my life journey while finding myself and my place in the world.