Adam S.

Winston Knoll Collegiate

Hi! My name is Adam Selimanovic; I am 21 years old and I am in FIAP (Functionally Integrated Academics
Program) at Winston Knoll Collegiate. I have been in this program for six years. I was born and raised in
Regina, SK. I come from a very loving and caring family. I live with my mom (Edina), my dad (Senad) and
my younger brother (Amar). I like living in Regina because the people are nice and there is lots for me to
I enjoy playing with cars, dinosaurs and using the iPad. On weekends, I go to the YMCA and swim, lift
weights and use the treadmill. I am a part of the Special Olympics and have been for a few years. My
favourite activity is bowling; I am really good at it. I enjoy watching the Big Monster Trucks show,
listening to music and playing pool with my brother, Amar.
I always help with in-school work experience; some of my favourite jobs are vacuuming, doing the
dishes after lunch, sweeping stairs and recycling. My other tasks in the school are transferring computer
carts to and from classes. I also do community work experience, previously at Sobeys, Where2, the
library and, most recently, Social Services. At home, I like to help my mom with housework too.
My favourite school subject is wellness. I like to play basketball and work out. I enjoy being active but
also enjoy my resting time. My next favourite subject is personal management. I like to learn how to be
independent. This year, I learned how to use my debit card, take money out and how to book different
In June 2019, I will be graduating from Winston Knoll and would like to find a job at COSMO in the
satellite program. I am excited to see what the future brings for me. I am going to miss my school, my
friends and my teachers because everybody is so nice and kind to me, and I have learned a lot from all of
them. I love you all.