Abdu E.

Campbell Collegiate

I am a dedicated and outgoing student from Campbell Collegiate. As a result of my high school
experience, I have been able to develop leadership, communication and a strong work ethic. My friends
and family would describe me as kind, diligent and honest.
I am a member of the Campbell Business Club and Case Team and it has been an amazing experience. I
was fortunate to have excellent advisors to foster a mindset focused on the fine details of my work,
incorporating ethics and values in everything I pursue.
Last year, I teamed up with the Saskatchewan Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured. I
developed a social media campaign to raise money and produced a video to educate the public about
their great work and raise funds. The video reached a total of 4,000 views utilizing multiple social media
As of now, I am planning to attend university to attend business school and further explore my passion
to serve the community. I am very excited to see what the future holds and take full advantage of the
opportunities I am afforded.