Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School

My name is Riddore Creer and I am a Grade 12 student at Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School. If you ask most people at my school who I am, they would most likely say that I am the enthusiastic guy on the intercom. I am a very energetic and outgoing person and have been very involved in my school community since Grade 9. I am blessed to have been involved in the music and drama programs and I have also been a part of MINGA and Multicultural Club. My faith has always been very important to me, and I have loved sharing it through my role as theLiturgical Representative on the SRC and through my involvement with Aramaic, the praise and worship band at my school. I have always strived to create a welcoming, open, and loving community at my school, so everyone feels that they belong. I am a very outgoing, passionate, and diligent person, due in part to being raised by strong and hardworking immigrant parents.They have always inspired me to do my best and to pursue my dreams, without being afraid to do so. This is why I will be moving to Toronto to pursue a career in nursing at Ryerson University. Although I am unsure of where my life will go, I am ready to tackle adulthood, to follow my dreams on my journey, and to spread positivity and kindness to the world

Archbishop MC O’Neil Catholic High School

My name is Jerico Sampang and I like to think that I’m pretty amazing. Is it true? Well, I don’t even know. But I’m always one to think optimistically. In all seriousness, I think I’ve done a lot to be proud of in my past four years of high school. It always seems to be difficult for people to admit they have done great things and I am no exception. But in my four years of being at Archbishop MC O’Neill Catholic High School, I’ve been a lead in many drama productions, a huge advocate for the arts, and have become the SRC president. But the most important thing I have done is become an LGBTQ+ role model for many students at O’Neill. It is never easy to stand up and be who you are without shame or fear. What I learned is courage is not the absence of fear, it is to be the master of fear. If you were to meet me on a regular day, I may come off as someone who is bold and brave. Truth be told, I fear for my safety every day. But what I know is that darkness does not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hatred does not drive out hatred, only love can do that. So, I drive out that fear by living a life of love and compassion. I hope to bring these lessons into my future of being a teacher, teaching students that it is okay to be different because there is no such thing as being normal! I want to become a teacher to guide lost souls who were once like me and to see the potential in those who cannot see it themselves. Sometimes, all anyone needs is someone who believes in them, and I intend to be that person.

Archbishop M.C. O’Neill Catholic High School

My name is Karrah, and I’m a proud O’Neill Titan!

Archbishop M CO’NeillCatholicHigh School has been a great place for me to grow and develop. I’ve had opportunities to build relationships and develop leadership skills. During my time at O’Neill, I have been a Student Trustee for RCSD, a basketball and soccer trainer, and have been involved in various other sports. For the last three years, I have had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the SRC. In my senior year, I have embraced the role of Vice-President. I have used this opportunity to bring positive change to the school. It has been my passion to educate others and help reduce the stigma about Mental Illness.

In my spare time, I love to bake. I enjoy all kinds of baking-from cookies and muffins to cakes and macarons. It’s a tasty way to channel my creativity. My future plans include attending the University of Regina to study Middle Years Education. I have always had an interest in working with young people and helping them develop. Teachers and adults in my life have inspired me to work to make a difference and be the change I want to see in the world. Teaching will give me the opportunity to continue to make positive change and influence the next generation.

Change starts with you!

Archbishop M.C. O’Neill Catholic High School

My name is Jessica Gelowitz, and I am a student at Archbishop M.C. O’Neill Catholic High School.

During my time at O’Neill, I have had many new opportunities and have built many new relationships. In my Grade 11 year of high school, I joined the SRC as a Liturgical Director, which is a position that I still hold this year.

I have many different interests outside of school. For one, I dance tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and hip-hop, and have been in dance since I was two. Furthermore, something that I am passionate about in my life is politics. I became interested in politics a few years back and since then, much of my time has been consumed by research and trying to spread my message to those around me. I have also always enjoyed traveling. My family and I enjoy camping every year during the summer, but my favourite places to travel to are Disneyland and Disney World. My faith has also always been a big part of my life and I always try to be a light to those around me.

I am not too sure of what I want to do exactly after high school, but for now I am going to attend the University of Regina in the Faculty of Business Administration and see where that takes me. I hope to do something big after high school and create something bigger than myself, whether that be a business, or getting into politics and working towards making our world a better place

Balfour Collegiate 

My name is Jayda Duval. I was born in Saskatoon and moved to Regina when I was five years old. My ethnic background includes Jamaican and Ukrainian. I have a loving family who has always supported me throughout all of my life endeavours and this has had an enormous impact on my success. Without the ongoing support of my family, I would not be the intelligent and independent individual I am today.

Since I was young, sports has been a common theme in my family. With both of my parents playing sports at a professional level, it has inspired me to follow in their footsteps and strive to be the best athlete I can be. Throughout high school, I have participated in volleyball, basketball, badminton, flag football and the high school football team. I have received multiple awards in each year of being a part of those teams. I have received a lot of attention for being the first female player on my high school football team, which was such a humbling experience. I was named both junior and senior female athlete of the year and received awards in every sport.

Throughout my four years at Balfour, juggling sports and academics has left me overwhelmed at times, but my motivation to succeed has never allowed me to stop pushing to achieve academic excellence. Over the years, I have been on the honour roll and received meritorious awards. My schooling has and will always come before anything else in my life as I have set very high expectations and goals, which I will continue to strive to achieve.

I am enrolled at the University of Regina in the Faculty of Arts, and I am very interested in Justice Studies and Human Justice. I am currently undecided on what I want to do as a career but in the future, I would like to work for the government and be a leader within the community. I am honoured and thankful to be a Twelfth Year recipient and to be able to express who I am.

Balfour Collegiate 

My name is Erick Niyogushima. I am the firstborn in my family. I was born in Tanzania (west side of Africa) and moved to Canada in 2015 when I was 13 years old. Since arriving here, I’ve been glad to have found good friends, along with my family, who have helped to push me towards success.

Balfour has been a marvelous school from ninth grade to my senior year. Balfour offers extracurricular activities so all students can participate and get to know each other. I joined multiple sports in Grade 10, and one of my highlights was being a city champion in cross country. During that year, I also joined football, a sport that I continued playing into my senior year. My Grade 10 year was just full of surprises. I was announced as a Balfour Beacon and was nominated as athlete of the year. Extracurricular is very meaningful in my life. I am thankful to all of the admirable teachers who have helped me with my work in school so I can take part in activities at the end of the day.

After graduation, I look forward to going into post-secondary education for police studies at the University of Regina. I hope to someday see myself in a police officer uniform. Being a police officer is not my only career goal; I also think about how it would feel to become a pilot.

Life is like riding a bicycle…to keep your balance, you must keep moving. I’m grateful and thankful to be a Twelfth Year recipient!

Balfour Collegiate

My name is Noah Pelletier. I am a Grade 12 student at Balfour Collegiate. Over the past four years of high school, I have been involved in various activities within the school such as football, basketball, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, handball and more.

Football has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I played Regina Minor Football up until my Grade 9 year when I started playing quarterback for the Balfour Bears. I also played for U16 Team Saskatchewan in 2017 and for the U18 Team Saskatchewan in 2018 and 2019 when we became back-to-back gold medal champions. I had the opportunity to play for Team Canada in 2018 and in 2020, which took me to Texas to play in the AT&T Stadium. This experience was a highlight in my football career. Being part of these elite teams has been an honour, and I will treasure these moments for the rest of my life.

I have received many academic and athletic awards while attending Balfour Collegiate, including honour roll, meritorious awards, Rookie of the Year, Offensive MVP, two-time team MVP, Senior Athlete of the Year and RHSAA Gerry Thompson Football Award.

As my high school football career comes to an end, I have been fortunate enough to be approached by the Regina Rams to join the team as a quarterback with their organization. While playing football with the Regina Rams, I will be attending the University of Regina where I plan to obtain a degree.

I would like to thank my family members who have supported me throughout the years and as well, I would like to thank all of my teachers and coaches for all of their hard work and dedication throughout my high school years. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person or athlete I am today. I would also like to thank the Twelfth Year organizers for this opportunity to showcase my talents and senior year.

Balfour Collegiate

My name is Benjamin Taypotat. I am currently in my senior year at Balfour Collegiate and am proud to say Balfour has given me some of the best years of my life. Balfour has always had a welcoming and encouraging environment that has helped me achieve the best I could in my studies and athletics. It has allowed me to develop strong relationships with friends and teachers, for which I am grateful.

For the past four years, I’ve been able to represent Balfour on a variety of its sports teams such as soccer, basketball, football, and ultimate Frisbee. Being on these teams not only kept me in shape but also developed skills that can be applied on and off the court/field. As well as athletics, I have also had success in my studies. Personally, I’ve always loved math and the sciences as they explain how the world works, and I hope that my future includes these areas. Additionally, for the past three years, I have had one of the top three averages in my class and have achieved meritorious in all of my classes.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, travelling and hanging out with family and friends. I am a proud First Nations person and am heavily involved in community and cultural functions. As for my future, I plan on attending the University of Regina to pursue a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering degree. Thank you to everyone at Balfour for the amazing memories and experiences, and thank you to Erin and Andrea for showcasing students with your amazing photography!

Campbell Collegiate

My Name is Merah Gasmo, and I am a proud Campbell Tartan. I am involved in my school in just about every way possible, which keeps me very busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. To me, school is more than just going to class, doing the work and going home. The way I express myself comes partly from my academics, but mostly from what I am involved in.

From Reconciliation Committee to Best Buddies and Me to We, and every single band possible, all of these clubs and groups are the things that make me who I am. The most influential group I have been a part of, however, is the Reconciliation Committee and it is because of this group, that I wanted to take my photos at the First Nations University. I am not Indigenous; however, being an ally and advocate for Indigenous issues has become my greatest passion throughout my high school journey. Most of my work and projects in high school have been focused on reconciliation and that is what I want to continue to focus on outside of high school.

Outside of being a student, I am the proudest big “Sissy” to four younger siblings who are the absolute light of my life. I work hard to be a positive and strong role model for them. By no means do I expect them to become as involved as I am, but I want them to know it’s all possible.

Although my future is unclear, I am excited to see where it takes me, and I am grateful for every opportunity I have had along the way in my high school career.

Campbell Collegiate

I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts (that’s pronounced “wu-str”—way harder to say than Regina). My parents are both Canadian and, thankfully, they brought me back to Canada at the age of two so I didn’t develop a Boston accent! I have been raised in a loving and supportive home, for which I am eternally grateful. I have two younger siblings, who I am sometimes not eternally grateful for, and a golden retriever named Scooter. My family has no doubt shaped me into the person I am today.

I am a highly motivated student-athlete, and I pride myself in being involved in a wide array of extracurricular activities. I am the president of the Student Leadership Council and co-president of the Best Buddies program at Campbell Collegiate. I have a strong passion for running and I train regularly with a distance group in Excel Athletika. I am a lifeguard with the City of Regina, which gives me the opportunity to teach swimming lessons and become more involved in my community. I am passionate about the things that I love, and I fight strongly for what I believe in.

In the future, my ultimate goal is to study medicine so that I can truly make a difference in the lives of others. I am a strong academic student with many high expectations, and I can’t wait to see what life will hold for me!