Taylor D.

F.W. Johnson Collegiate

My name is Taylor Dzikowski, and F.W. Johnson has been my home for four years now. I am grateful for
the athletic, music and academic programs the school has offered me.
During the past four years, I have played on the Johnson volleyball, soccer, badminton and track teams.
On the volleyball team, I was always the smallest player on the court, but it meant a lot to be recognized
and given an award for my dedication. Sports also shaped me into a leader at my school.
I am heavily involved in the music program at Johnson, singing with the choir, as well as playing my
trumpet in the jazz and concert bands. I also like to help out the elementary band whenever I can. I have
been playing trumpet for seven years now and it is a big part of who I am. The biggest lesson I learned
playing trumpet is that practice makes perfect and that no matter how much dedication you put into
something, you will always be rewarded. Additionally, I’m not just all about music and sports; I also take
academics very seriously and have won three gold medals for highest academic average as well as other
student of the year awards.
Growing up, I have always wanted to make a difference and help people. This interest has led me to
want to become a surgeon some day. Next fall, I am taking biochemistry at the University of Regina and
hopefully from there, my path will lead me to medical school.