Martin Collegiate

My name is Brooke Betson, and I am a Grade 12 student at Martin Collegiate. I am grateful to come from a crazy, busy and loving household. My parents and younger brother are always pushing me to be the best person I can be. Considering my family’s passion for sports, athletics have always been a huge part of my life. Throughout high school, I have played volleyball, basketball and ringette; however, my ultimate passion is softball. I love the competitiveness and how there’s always something new to learn about the game. This past year, I played in 10 tournaments in the United States with my travel team, the 222’s, and an American team called Team TFS. Even though I love experiencing new places, I treasure the friendships and life lessons that I learn even more!

I am currently pursuing a softball scholarship and an education in the field of human resource management at a high-level university. Despite how hard I work on the softball field, I always work just as hard, if not harder, off the field. Throughout high school, I have played on my school’s Unified basketball team, been a part of the student representative council, helped out with a local U12 softball team and worked at a part-time job. These have been some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

I am so incredibly thankful for my family, teammates, coaches and teachers, who have provided me with the amazing opportunities that have molded me into the person who I am today.

Martin Collegiate

My name is Emma Kathleen Kasprick, but when I was younger, I preferred being called Spider-Man! When adults would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’d answer, “Spider-Man!” It never seemed to be a welcome answer to whomever I replied, but I guess I was indifferent to their consternation. To this day, I still admire Spider-Man’s problem solving, his resilience, humour, work ethic and passion for helping others. Though I’ll never wear a Spidey suit or have web-shooting powers, I think I’ll always quietly do my best to live with those Spider-Man-like qualities.

I am passionate and dedicated to many things: academic achievement (staff medals annually), musical theatre (roles Ariel & Belle), basketball, art and earning income both through a part-time job and running my own cotton candy business. Yes, I traded spinning webs for spinning candy! Running this small business has been special because I’ve worked as a team with my brother, Caleb, and it’s provided us many opportunities to give back to the community!

I will miss Martin Collegiate and all of my teachers. I am proud to belong to a school that values arts, athletics, academics and community.

I am excited to move on to my post-graduate life to complete a degree in civil engineering. Right now I’m considering a move to Edmonton to attend the University of Alberta, where I’ve been offered a President’s Entrance Citation. As excited as I am, I miss my friends and family already.

Martin Collegiate

My name is Aliyah Lerat, and I am a graduating student at Martin Collegiate. I would say the one word that best describes my school and out-of-school life is busy. I am someone who always has a full schedule and is constantly balancing multiple activities. Some things I’ve been involved in during high school include wrestling, band, musical theatre, coffee house, GSA, Skills Canada, Sask Fashion Week and more.

My time at Martin has been well spent; I’ve met so many great teachers who have helped me shine a light on my creative side. In today’s world, creativity shines in many different ways among young people, which gives them many opportunities to make a name for themselves. I can proudly say because of all the people I’ve met (whether family, friends or teachers), they have helped contribute to me making a name for myself. I have had so many great opportunities and not a lot of people my age can say they have had the same.

I am truly thankful to be seen for the positivity and dedication I put out into the world, and I’m thrilled to continue my life journey while finding myself and my place in the world.

Martin Collegiate

Carson Matt is a senior at Martin Collegiate. He has enjoyed his high school journey. Over the last four years, he has made several new friends, memories and built relationships that will last a lifetime.

Carson is heavily involved in sports. He has played on the Martin Monarchs football, basketball and Unified basketball teams. He also plays football with the Regina Minor Football and Football Saskatchewan programs and basketball with the Regina Community Basketball Association.

In 2018, Carson was chosen from several high school students across Canada to take part in the Nissan Kickoff Project. In 2019, Carson travelled to Toronto, Ontario, with the Martin Unified basketball team as a partner athlete and had the opportunity to play in a Special Olympics basketball tournament, where he and his teammates won a gold medal.

Outside of sports and school, Carson likes to spend time with his mom, dad, little brother and his dog. Carson is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys spending time hunting and fishing with his dad and grandfather. Carson can also be found hanging out with his friends or playing video games with his little brother.

Carson is looking forward to graduation and will be attending the University of Regina this fall and is hoping to play football with the Regina Thunder Football Club.

He will never forget all the amazing experiences, places and people he has met on his journey.