Noah S.

Luther College High School

Hi, my name is Noah Stasuik, and I will be graduating from Luther College Highschool in 2021! Since grade 9, I have made an effort to be an active participant in many areas of my school. I have been on the badminton and ultimate frisbee teams, an SRC grade representative, and a member of the Luther Invitational Basketball Tournament media committee. While these last two years have looked different for many, I found that being involved in the Luther Community has helped me to stay connected to other students and to find ways to positively contribute to the overall student body. I also participate in athletics outside of school. I have been a part of club badminton at Crosscourt since grade 6, which eventually led to me coaching the sport for the City of Regina where I had the opportunity to help beginning players develop new skills. While I stay busy in school with my athletics and achieve high honours grades each year, I also give back to the community through volunteering. Since grade six I have volunteered at Access Communications, filming or floor directing many of their productions. Each week I also tutor with the Regina Open Door Society to aid students who are newer to Canada with their studies. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for technology, which inspired me to pursue a degree in computer science, I look forward to exploring this passion and working towards a career in this ever-evolving profession.