Laura M.

Archbishop M.C. O’Neil Catholic High School

My name is Laura Martinez, and I am graduating from Archbishop M.C. O’Neill Catholic High School. My experience at this school is coming to an end, but it has been amazing. There, my passion for classical music and my communication skills have brought wonderful opportunities. As a first clarinet player in the O’Neill Wind Ensemble, telling a story through music has allowed me to flourish as a musician. I have participated in the RCSD Honour Band and played in the O’Neill Chamber Ensemble. Moreover, our school’s SRC has offered me a leadership role. By learning about the student voice in a school, it has driven me to improve my guidance in events and meetings. Also, I am proud to have studied in the French immersion program throughout the last four years. Comprehending a second language like French is fantastic. I have participated and achieved a new level of understanding through the Concours d’Art Oratoire at the regional and provincial levels. Above all, being an O’Neill Titan will be with me forever. I additionally take much pride in my personal identity. As an immigrant to Canada, expressing my Colombian culture is crucial to keep traditions for generations to come. I value family life, dancing salsa, and drinking plenty of coffee. This has allowed me to merge my Canadian home with my Colombian heritage. I will continue to express my joy in everything that is to come. This includes beginning my studies in biology, eventually into a career in medicine.