Luther College High School

When I moved back from Almaty, Kazakhstan, the first few years of re-establishing roots in Canada was quite difficult for me. I wanted nothing more than to return to the place I called home, despite being a Canadian by birth. Luther changed that. Although my heart will forever have a corner stained the azure blue and golden yellow of the Kazakh flag, the community of Luther gave me a sense of belonging once again. Quickly, I became heavily involved within the school, playing on both the soccer and ultimate frisbee team for all four years and serving on student council. I also participated in many of the visual art initiatives here at Luther, including senior art projects, large-scale murals displayed at our annual invitation basketball tournament, as art has always been my passion. But it was the classroom and endless knowledge of one dedicated teacher that nursed my childhood love of telling tales of swash-buckling heroes into far-off lands into a dream and a professional and literary direction. Of course, the stories I write and plan to write do not have quite the same legendary touch nowadays, but the thrill and adventure of it all remains. In the fall, I plan to attend the University of Regina to study English literature and hope to write novels and children’s books with my own illustrations in the future. Whatever the future holds, I am forever grateful for every opportunity, every teacher and every friend along the way. And like all of my most beloved books, it’s been an adventure thus far, and I am excitedly turning the page into this next chapter of life. Thanks!Kate Persson