Glenda F.

Campbell Collegiate

Why hello there! My name is Glenda Fu, and I am a grade twelve student at Campbell Collegiate.

A little about me: I often dress in overwhelming colours, adore a good pun, have horrendous posture, am not a real redhead (what?!), never get enough sleep, and love to create. I would identify as a restless nerd. Throughout my high school years, I have done nearly everything there is to do. From writing and directing a play, singing in chamber choir and vocal jazz, being on the student leadership council, to improv, creative writing club, musical theatre, and robotics. I have also taken on advanced placement classes in English, Calculus, and Biology.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have: started a youtube channel “cuteness code”, failed my driver’s exam, took the SATs twice, worked three jobs, started the “chai chatter podcast” with my friends, ran a 15K, adopted a cat, and began writing a novel!

I spent these past four years running around in an odyssey towards self-discovery. Through the late nights, spontaneous tears, and breath-taking moments; I have learned gratitude. Through the victories, failures, and lessons learned from those failures; I have learned resilience. Through my restless adolescence, I have found myself.

Now, I am a bona fide almost adult, with big dreams, low expectations, and a cute cat, ready to take on the world! And although my path forward is unclear, perhaps in the unknown, I will find adventure.