Hello! I am Landen and I attend Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School. My humble beginnings started in Moose Jaw. I moved to Regina in the middle of grade school and I found it considerably more enjoyable. Now, I am interested in drama productions, film, literature, photography, journalism, strategic warfare, sarcasm, sports, social justice based projects and education in general. I’m truly passionate about various matters of politics and philosophy, and I’m an awful person to argue them with. I am a leader with the SRC and I am involved with many missionary organizations throughout Saskatchewan. I have completed speaking tours throughout the province focusing on healthy life styles, young adult mentalities and personal philosophies. I have travelled as far as the Philippines to serve as a disaster relief worker and build homes. When it comes to life I am a minimalist as I try to focus on what I see as the key aspects, such as family and community. I simply want to make the lives of others better. How I will do this, I’m not totally sure yet. I’m not worried, though; I’ll find a way. Opportunities for service lie all around us; they are just waiting to be recognized. I know I will continue works to help others. I just hope I made you smile if you took the time to read this. Have a nice day!


Hello! My name is Joanne and I am so honored to be a part of this year’s Twelfth Year program! I attend Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School and I am currently in grade twelve. I am vice-president of the Student Representative Council and I have played on the volleyball team for three years. As well, I have been a part of two drama productions and this year, I decided to become one of the LeBoldus football trainers. This year has been incredible and every opportunity I have been given is unbelievable! My goal for the year was to expand my education, push myself to become the best that I could possibly be, and find my career path, which I was able to do with the great help of the football team. The experience was one I will always cherish as it taught me so much about myself, and about others. Quitting volleyball in my twelfth year was extremely difficult, but football gave me a home. This experience allowed me to put my focus and energy into an activity that would begin to pave the path for my future. After high school I plan to go into Kinesiology at the University of Regina and to pursue a career in Physiotherapy. Everyone always tells you that high school is the fastest four years of your life, but I never believed them. Looking back now I realize one thing, time sure flies when you are having a blast!


Hello! My name is Colten. I was born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan. I attended École St. Mary’s elementary school and am in Grade 12 at Archbishop M.C. O’Neill Catholic High School. I am heavily involved in and around the school, and this involvement has shaped a large part of who I am. I take my academics very seriously and am currently taking two AP classes while continuing to maintain an overall average of above 90%. Since grade nine, I have also been involved in the O’Neill choir and vocal jazz programs. Adding to this curricular involvement, I am the current SRC Vice President and on the school’s light and sound production crew. Outside of school I can often be found outdoors with my two dogs hiking, camping, hunting, taking pictures, quad riding, biking, swimming, or golfing.

Senior year has been a blur and honestly, one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life. The last four years have taught me who I am and who I want to become. Next year I plan on attending the University of Saskatchewan for a degree in physiology and pharmacology, hopefully leading to the College of Medicine and eventually, a career in pediatric medicine. The journey will be long, but I am excited to keep learning and to see exactly what the future holds for me.


My name is Sarah but I go by my Ojibway name Memegwans, which means little butterfly. This is not my legal name; however, it is a huge part of my identity as a young Aboriginal woman.

My mother pushed me to do well in school as she knew the importance of education. I did not immediately appreciate the value of it, but now I realize the opportunities it holds. I am currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Being in the IB program aids in preparing me for post-secondary education, expanding my knowledge of the world, and it allows me to express my appreciation and curiosity of learning.

After high school, I plan to attend either the University of Saskatchewan or the University of British Columbia, doing either my Bachelor of Arts or Science. I do not have a set plan of what career I want, but I believe that keeping my options open is important. I am very interested in the field of justice, particularly law; however, I am just as interested in the field of science. Whatever I decide to do, I plan to work impeccably hard to achieve my goals as it important not to waste an opportunity that many people in our society do not have.


My name is Jackson, and I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. My family consists of my parents and two younger siblings.

I have attended Regina Christian School (RCS) through middle school and high school and have absolutely loved my time there. The school is a blessing in my life that has given me opportunities to expand my horizons and grow. RCS equipped me to succeed in every way as I enter into university.

Sports are a passion of mine. I believe in staying physically active, and basketball is something I love to play. Throughout my high school career, I have been a city gold medalist, provincial gold medalist, and city all-star. I look forward to what our team will accomplish this season. In addition to basketball, I enjoy playing soccer.

Outside of sports, I participate in a number of extracurricular activities: select choir, inner-city outreach, Guatemala mission team, stage crew and robotics. As well, I am co-president of the Student Leadership Council. Last year, Junior Achievement Saskatchewan recognized me as president of the year. Academics are important to me as well, and I have worked hard to maintain high honours throughout my schooling.

My future plans include earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, majoring in Finance. I also plan to stay involved with basketball, whether through coaching or playing. Ultimately, I trust God will guide me into whatever He has planned and I will glorify Him through it.


My name is Miranda, and I’m in Grade 12 at Scott Collegiate. I have actually attended three different schools since Grade 9. School has always been a priority in my life so I plan to continue my education after high school.

I am proud to be Aboriginal, part of the Listuguj first nation in Québec. Even though I have lived in Regina my entire life, one day I will travel to my reserve and meet my relatives who live there. My family is the main reason I am where I am today. My parents have always encouraged me to succeed in school, and they are very happy and proud that I’m graduating soon.

After high school, I plan to study cosmetology to become a hair dresser and make-up artist. It’s like painting on canvas and creating a masterpiece. I’ve always loved art, painting and drawing and I happen to also love hair and make-up, so I figured why not do them both? Being artistic and making people feel beautiful at the same time seems like the perfect career for me.

After cosmetology school, I plan on getting my business degree and running my own salon sometime in the future. Even if there are bumps along the road, I know I will never give up my dream and will always keep my head up!


My name is Webster, and I was born on May, 1997, in Radville. I have a brother, Drew; sister, Jenna; and two wonderful parents, Jaylynne and Rick. Our sixth member, dog Gromit, recently passed away. Coming from a small town, I sometimes approach things slightly differently, which has shaped who I am and how I act in many environments.

I was homeschooled for one and a half years, and when I re-entered public school, I was ahead by almost an entire grade. That gave me some spare time to explore programming and designing websites/applications, which then led to me taking high school computer science courses.

Over the years, I’ve been involved with organizations such as the YMCA, Youth for Christ, Souls Harbour, Food Bank, and Arlington Beach Camp. I have especially been impacted by the YMCA’s Leaders program, which focuses on community leadership through outreach and fundraising, as well as leading YMCA programs.

I am very involved in my school’s music department (wind ensemble, senior choir, jazz band, vocal jazz, and the chamber singers). I also have been involved with school musicals, working with backstage tech and props.

In my mind, I am an average student who is involved, but the more people I meet, the more I can tell that what I see as normal is considered extra work for other people. After I graduate in June, I will begin studying engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.


Hi! My name is Aisha, and I am a Grade 12 student at Regina Huda School, graduating this year. I was born in Pakistan and moved to Toronto at the age of five. My family came to Regina when I was 11 years old and we have lived here for the past six years. I am proud to call Regina my home.

I’ve always been an energetic social butterfly looking for every opportunity to try something new and meet new people. I value relationships, education and religion. I am a very goal-oriented, passionate young woman who wants to have an impact on the world, one way or another.

In Grade 6, I started debate out of mere coincidence and grew to love it beyond measure. The different skills I have developed through debating have left a great impact on who I have grown to become.

My future plans include attending the University of Regina this fall to work towards a Bachelor of Kinesiology, majoring in Human Kinetics. I will then apply to medical school and work towards becoming a family physician.


My name is Keely, and I am happy to say that I made the right decision by transferring to Martin Collegiate for my senior year. Before this year, I lived in Lumsden where I attended high school from Grades 9 to 11. I now live in Regina with my grandparents so I can attend school. Due to being an only child, I have always been extremely busy with sports and many other activities which allow me to be the happy teenager I am.

Softball is my real passion. Starting at the age of six, I advanced from “Learn to Play” into “Squirt” a season early because the coach recognized my ability and said I was capable of moving up. I began as a second baseman but soon moved to catcher and that is the position I fell in love with. Even though it’s my primary position, I can be considered a utility player. With the exception of pitching, I have the ability of playing wherever I am needed and at any time. While at Martin Collegiate, I benefited from daily work with my coach, Ms. Thull. With my upcoming season around the corner, I hope to properly execute the skills I have learned to help my team, Regina Kaos, win the league championship.


My name is Michael. Like most kids, I started my childhood off in almost every sport. I soon realized my skill set was not geared for sports. I began exploring the arts.

I enrolled in the Globe Theatre School along with many other acting classes at the age of 9 and my passion for acting took root. I also became involved with Pro Scout, which lead me into a route of television and film acting. Selected acting credits include the 2014 Fusion Project: Touch (Globe Theatre) and Corner Gas. At 12 years old, I began a route in technical theatre, specifically, lighting. Selected lighting design credits include Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast (Luther College, 2012-2014) and the University of Regina Presidents Dinner (2015). My knowledge of acting and technical theatre gave me an opportunity to become the first Luther student to direct a school One Act Play in the Spring of 2015.

At Luther, I serve on the SRC and planning committees for many school events. Outside of school, I am the President of my Church youth group, planning retreats and most recently, a brunch. I also am a Youth Ambassador of the Hellenic Greek Pavilion for Mosaic. I work as a busser at Golf’s Steak House and a lighting technician for Nite Staging and Sound when I am not involved with school and theatre.

Next year I plan to move into Electrical Engineering while keeping strong ties with my theatre and technical theatre passions.