Avery – Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School

I am Avery Cameron, and I am in grade twelve at Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School. I was on the Student Representative Council last year as Communication Director, reading announcements every day at school, and I am part of the Student Representative Council again this year as Media Productions Director, editing assembly videos for our assemblies. I have participated in cross-country running four to six kilometers and track and field throughout high school, as I prefer to do long distance events. I have been in choir since grade nine singing tenor and bass, and have been in band since grade six playing the alto saxophone and continue to do so. I also participated in Riffel`s drama production of The Sleeping Beauty of Loreland last year, participating in my first drama production of high school and playing the part of the prince. I have played piano since kindergarten and am currently working towards achieving my grade 10 piano with the Royal Conservative of Music and look towards possibly completing my ARCT taking lessons from my aunt.

I am interested in computers and programming and currently wish to obtain a degree in Software Systems Engineering from the University of Regina and pursue a career in Information Technology (IT). I look forward to what the future holds!